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Men and women of America, a biographical dictionary of contemporaries

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Men and women of America, a biographical dictionary of contemporaries

Men and women of America, a biographical dictionary of contemporaries

Fonte : Internet Archive

Men and women of America, a biographical dictionary of contemporaries

Men and women of America, a biographical dictionary of contemporaries

Fonte : Internet Archive

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N. Y., Aug. 12, 1879, Frances De Lanieter.

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battle, siege and surrender of Santiago de Cuba, and was detailed by Major-General W. R. Shatter to deliver the official

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of President Arthur and Col. Abraham de Peyster in New Yoik City. He is also the sculptor of the bronze

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Order of Melusina from Prince Guy de Lusignan.

Página 207

in Idaho, son of Dr. James de la Michelson ) Borglum. He St.-Mary's College, Kanart in San-Francisco and was a

Página 230

by the American Numismatic Society, Theodore L. De Vinno medal by the Typotheta? of New York, John Fritz medal by

Página 262

Boston, descended from Rollo and John de Brienne. Christian King of Jerusalem and Emperor of the East. He received his

Página 308

Iii dc Luzon, and Don Juan de All si rill. Was one of the founders of the American Society of

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Feb. 18, 1832, son of Joseph and Eliza (De Bonnaire) Chanute. He was educated in New York City private schools

Página 407

June 25, 1846, son of Christopher and Theodora G. (De Wolf) Colt. After liis graduation from Yale as B.A. in

Página 497

21, 1893, Phoebe R. De Groat. Address:

Página 504

San-Francisco and New York City. Mr. De Angelis entered the theatrical profession as a child , toured the world with

Página 504

of Reason, Step Sister, Samson. Mr. De Belleville is a member of the Players, Greenroom and Brooklyn Yacht Clubs, the

Página 509

Mr. De Forest married, in November, 1880, Meta Kemble, of New Y'ork. Address: 7

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Jan. 7, 1849, son of Rufus and Laura M. (Wilbur) De Garmo.

Página 510

12, 1845, son of Jacob de Haven. He removed with his parents to California in 1849, and he was

Página 510

his son, Johnston de Forest. Mr. de Forest became general attorney of the Central Railroad of New Jersey in 1874,

Página 511

1801, son of Rev. Rev. Henry De Koven, D.I)., and Charlotte (Le Roy) De Koven. lie was graduated from St.-John's

Página 511

composer, and Delibes in Paris. Mr. De Koven is the composer of : The Begum Don Quixote, Robin Hood, The

Página 511

the New York Evening Post. Mr. De Kay was founder of the Fencers' Club (of which he is still a

Página 513

Columbia Law School, LL.B., 1889. Mr. de Lima was admitted to the New York bar in 1889 and he is

Página 514

York City, Oct. 27, 1886, Estela A. de Lima, and they have four children.

Página 514

Mr. de Lima is a member of the Cornell, Theta Dr.lta Chi, Craduatcs', National Art?

Página 515

April 18, 1855, son of Victor and Theresia (Pinchaud) De Longpre. He was educated in the public schools of Paris

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Juiy 25, 1878, son of Henry C. and Matilda B. (Samuel) De Mille. He was educated at Freiburg, C4ermany, 1895-1896,

Página 515

1900. Mr. De Mille is author of: Strongheart , The Genius, and other plays. He is

Página 517

later admitted to the bar. Mr. De.neen was a member of several law firms and is now a member of

Página 517

Mr. De.nby is a member of tlic law linn of May, Denby & O'Brien, in

Página 522

13, 1856, son of Armand John De Rosset, M.D., and Eliza Jane (Lord) De Rosset. He was educated under private

Página 522

of A. de Roaldfes and Coralie Testas de Flomont.

Página 523

a great part of Mexico. Mr. De Rosset married in Se.wanee, Tenn., Oct. 10, 1882, Mary Williams Green, granddaughter of

Página 524

the firm was changed to Theodore L. De Vinne and Company, with his son as junior partner. He is a

Página 524

of the National Arts Club. Mr. De Vinne married in New York City, Grace, Brockbank, who died May 7, 1905,

Página 525

15, 18G5, son of .A'illiam Henry De Vries and Cornelia (Crowe) De Vries. He was graduated from the, San-Joaquin Valley

Página 525

" Entertainment for All Seasons." Miss De.w finds her recreation working among the children of the East Side of New

Página 528

March 26, 1850, son of Algernon Sidney and Clara (Diman) De Wolf. His art education was secured largely through private

Página 528

law in New York City. Mr. De Witt is a trustee of the Chemical National Bank, the, New York Life

Página 528

of the Empire Stock Company. Miss de Wolfe was specially successful in comedy roles, becoming a leading New York favorite

Página 529

became associated with his brother, Charles De Young, in 1865, in establishing Tlie Dramatic Chronicle, a theatrical paper from which

Página 529

has so continued ever since. Mr. De Young was twice the California member of the National Republican Committee, and for

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decorations of Chevalier du Merite Agricole de France, in 1890, and Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur de France in 1901.

Página 569

Francis de Sales, at Milwaukee,, and at St.

Página 570

Pont and grandson of Eleuthere Irenee Du Pont de Nemours and great-grandson of Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Ne.mours.

Página 570

Nemours and great-grandson of Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Ne.mours.

Página 575

is a descendant of Sir Gilbert de Amory (or Emery), wlio accompanied William the Conqueror in the conquest of England,

Página 647

Lemaitre, A Modern Match, His Grace de Grammont, Mistress Betty, Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines, The Girl and the

Página 667

Milton, N. Y., in 1876, Arthur De Wint Foote, a civil engineer, and she has a son and daughter living,

Página 687

, son of Norman and Jane De Hart (Freeman) Fox. He was graduated from the University of Rochester, as A.B.,

Página 725

of Pennsylvania) and of Elizabeth Antoinette de Beelen de Bertholff, daughter of Constantine Antoine de Beelen de Bertholff and granddaughter

Página 725

Beelen de Bertholff, daughter of Constantine Antoine de Beelen de Bertholff and granddaughter of Baron Frederick Eugene Francois de Beelen

Página 725

granddaughter of Baron Frederick Eugene Francois de Beelen de Bertliolff (Austrian minister to the United States, 1783-1787). He was educated

Página 732

14, 1865, son of Charles De Wolf and Josephine Elizabeth Gibson. He received his general education in schools in

Página 738

Helena's Garden, 1908. He married Helena de Kay, daughter of Commodore de Kay of New York (of the Navy of

Página 760

Gottlieb, and distant relative of Antonio Lopez de Santa-Anna, the fighting general and president of Mexico. He was educated in

Página 821

Ernest Renan : and Baron Pierre de Coubertin's Evolution of France Tender the Republic: and from Spmish of Armando Pnlacio-Valdes'

Página 831

son of Alfred and Kate De Forest (Sheldon) Harrison. He was educated in the Episcopal Academy, Philadelphia, St.

Página 831

Alfred and Kate De Forest (Sheldon) Harrison. He was educated in the Episcopal Academy, Philadelphia, St.

Página 883

Baltimore, Md., July 14, 1897, Sarah H. De Vries.

Página 883

Cervera exitered the harbor of Santiago de Cuba, and' was blockaded by the combined fleets of Admirals Sampson and Schley,

Página 895

York in 1858, son of John and Rosalie (De Wolf) Hopper.

Página 906

HOWE, Mark Antony De Wolfe:

Página 923

Sept. 23, 1858, son of Joel and Eliza (De Witt) Hyde. He received his education at Phillips Exeter Academy, Harvard

Página 930

in Girard Collefre. Philadelphia, Jean Girard de Montbrun (1886), Illustrated Girard College. From time to time has contributed articles, prose

Página 982

1855, son of George and Jeanie de Forest Junkin. He attended the school of John W. Faires until 1870, was

Página 982

JUNKIN, Joseph de Forest:

Página 991

Company of Costa Rica, and Banco Comercial de Costa Rica, vice-president and director of the Belize Royal Mail and Central

Página 1.022

Theatre Comjjany, Lyric Theatre Company, Jefferson De-Angelis Opera Company, De.Yolf Hopper 0[)era Company and of the Nouvcate Producing Company. He

Página 1.058

w Iid was knighted by Richard Canir de Lion. After receiving an education in public schools, lie engaged in mercantile

Página 1.138

of Our Fallen Heroes in Santiago de Cuba ..a Record of the S])anish American War, The Senator, a tribute to

Página 1.183

Sept. 18, I8 (15, (). Louise De Groff. Residence: 12 North 9th Street, Newark, N. J. Addros: l.-,6

Página 1.207

William Chase, Irving Wiles, Joseph De Camp, Robert Blum and others. He exhibited at the Society of American Artists,

Página 1.215

Expedition was being prepared. Captain George W. De Long, who was his personal friend, induced Melville to go with him.

Página 1.235

Law (,ua Hiinu H and Santiago de Cuba, July 1, 1898, jjroinoled brigadier-general of U. S. Army, .May 7,

Página 1.238

Sylvie Laure de Long, daughter of Lieulenant-Connnander G. W. de Long, arctic explorer, and they have

Página 1.264

MORRELL, Edward de Veaux:

Página 1.318

June 15, 1856, son of John L. and Ellen (De Bevoise) Nostrand. He was graduated from the Brooklyn Polytechnic, B.S.,

Página 1.346

1868, son of Samuel and Fanny Van de Grift. He was educated in private schools and at Edinburgh University, his

Página 1.367

PARSONS, Harry de Berkeley:

Página 1.415

descent is traced back to William de la Grand, a Norman kniglit who came to England with William I at

Página 1.446

16, 1870, son of David and Louisa M. (De Graw) Ramaley. He was graduated from the University" of IMinnesota,

Página 1.494

the fighting in front of Santiago de Cuba, and Mr. Roosevelt was promoted to the colonelcy of the regiment for

Página 1.534

destruction of Cervera's Fleet, off Santiago de Cuba, July 3, 1898. He was presented with a gold sword by the

Página 1.556

York City, June 2, 1900, Edith de Charms Hibbard, and they have four children. Address: 200 West 70th Street, New

Página 1.564

1856, son of Sidney and Elizabeth De Angelis (Wells) Shepard. He was graduated from Yale, A.B., 1878, and Hamilton College,

Página 1.581

French ambassador at Vienna, Count Alexander Foucher de Careil (editor of Leibnitz's works), to Paris in 1887, became employee of

Página 1.599

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, Banco Mexicano de Comercio e Industria, Bank of the Manhattan Company, Citizens Saving and Trust

Página 1.631

London, England, July 26, 1906, Aliette de Carriere. Address: 33 East

Página 1.671

1891-1892 at l'Academie Delecluse under Paul de Lance and Georges Callot, at the I'Academie Julien under Jules Lefevre and Benjamin

Página 1.674

The House of Mirth, 1905, Madame de Treymes, 1907, The Fruit of the Tree,

Página 1.691

Portrait of a Girl," after Ambrozio de Predis, 1908,

Página 1.692

served as military governor of Santiago de Cuba, in the province of the same name, and Puerto Principe until Dec,