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Allegany county and its people

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Allegany county and its people

Allegany county and its people

Fonte : Internet Archive

Allegany county and its people

Allegany county and its people

Fonte : Internet Archive

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instructions of his superior officer. M. De Joncaire, a French officer under or in conjunction with Charlevoix, was the next

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Rev. L. W. Onley, Rev. James De Bois, Rev. F. F. Emerson, Rev. E. F. Crane, Rev. J. W. Spoor.

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was a son of Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours, and one of the most distinmished Frenchmen of that time,

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her sons were followed by Victor du Pont de Nemours and the Baron Hyde de Neuville, who purchased lands adjoining

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brother in Delaware where, as Irenne du Pont de Nemours & Co., they and their descendants have been engaged in

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du petite Thour, Marquis Antonine Omer Talon, Baron de Montule, Marquis Lucretius de Blancons, Duke de Montepensier, Count Beaujolais, and

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Wilham Wilson, S. M. C, Frank De Long, J. M. C, A. W. Bennett, Tiler. The lodge is in a

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Fredonia with his only daughter, Mrs. De Muth. C. W. Willett, a son of Wm. Willett. was born in Wirt

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appears inherent in the family. Paul de Vincent, a Catholic saint of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, was a zealous

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James Smith, J. Rooney, Mr. De Witt, B. W. Davis, W. Moxie, J. M. Shotwell, F. W. Reynolds.

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J. R. Hartshorn , 1856, John N. De Witt , 1857, '60, '76, '77, David R. Stillman , 1862, '63,

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and Florence, twins, the latter Mrs. De Witt Thayer, in South Dakota,

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Thomas Quinn, Albert Adams, Charles A. De Kay, Charles D. Amsden, constables.

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children, De Alton and Loraine. George De Alton Swift, son of Truman, was born in Rushford about 1830. He married

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Phillipp Scharwenka, and violin under Heinrich de Ahna, having access to the rehearsals of the Joachim Quartet at the Hochschule,

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Burdett De Kay, son of Nathaniel and Sylvia (Drew) De Kay, was born May 2, 1847, married Kate, daughter of

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Gertrude s! and Fred Mr. De Kay is a farmer, a veterinary surgeon, and has been assessor two terms.

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Thomas De Kay came from Vernon. Sussex Co.. N. J., to New Hudson, Allegany Co..