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Roth family

Enviado: 19 fevereiro 2017, 13:21
por njoutsen
Hi! I' m seaching for a Roth-family's history.
My great grandfayther was Paul Jakob Roth, born in La Chat-de-Fonds. His father was a carpenter Jakob Roth and mother Anna Roth née Bouverant. They had 10 children: twins Martha and  Clara(1884),Cea(1881),Isabella(?),Georg(1886), Arthur(1887),Armand(?), Margrit(1887), Albert(died1942) and my greatgrandfather Paul Jakob(1885).
Anna Roth left her family and after Jakobs house one day got burned in a fire, he had to leave the children to custody of Zetzvil munincipal.
My greatgrandfather ended up to Finland first as a cheesemaker and later as an entrepreneaur.
Roth is a common familyname in Switcherland but I'm hoping to get some hints where to find relatives.