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HI All

A little of the info I have on Williams Family to date

Thomas Williams B.1788, Faughanvale, L/ seems in a small place called Tocher lough... Tocherlaugh (the place name was on his discharge papers from the national archives)
He met and married Susannah whilst he was a Gunner in the Royal Horse Artillery fighting at Waterloo; he took Susannah back to Faughanvale where they raised a family of 12/13 children until Thomas died B4 1857c Susannah then came to Port Glasgow where some of her children lived until her death on June 23rd 1869. We also have a newspaper article on her from when she died and that of her son Seamons titled the “Waterloo Hero Widow dies”.

Susannah’s parents:
Paul Simons/Seamons (Polish/Hungarian)
Anna Anthon or Dannoie

Anna’s parents
Nicolai Anthon (Belgian/French)
Anne Dannoie/Dannoce? Not sure of spelling as it is difficult to read on Susannah’s death cert

Thomas Williams B. 1788 in Faughanvale
Married c.1815 in Belgium
Susannah Simons/Seamons B. 1796 in Vilvoorde Flemish Brabant, Belgium

Thomas B. 1816/7 Vilvoorde or England
M. 1 child Susan M 1866 Hugh McIlravey

Paul B. 1818 Westbromwich England
M. Jane Warnock - 2 children Catherine & Paul

John B. 1823 Faughanvale L/Derry
M. Janet Robertson – 4 children Christina 1857, Janet, 1860 John 1862, Anne Jane 1867

Charles B. 1825 Faughanvale L/Derry
M 19th March 1853 Janet Hendry
Children – 2 Elizabeth Stuart 1853, Charles William 1855

Alexander B. 1826 Faughanvale L/Derry

William B. 1827 Faughanvale L/Derry
M. Bridget Brown 1850 1st wife
Children – 4
Thomas 1851-1852,Janet 1855-1857, Susannah Simones 1858-1876, Janet Benson 1862,

M. Catherine Garret Nee Quayle (Widowed) B. Isle of Mann 2nd wife
Children –4
John Quayle Garret 26th Aug 1865 Died in infancy, Isabella Sayle or Quayle 10th April 1870 died in infancy
Thomas Beaumont Walpole B.1971 D.22 Oct 1900, Fanny Elizabeth 30th April 1874.

James B. 1830 D. before 1832 in Faughanvale L/Derry

Matilda B. 1831 Faughanvale L/Derry
M. James Cochrane
Children 6- James Simons 1852, John 1854, Susan 1856, Thomas 14th July 1857/8,
Matilda 30th Nov 1859,William 1865

James B. 1832 Faughanvale L/Derry

Ann B. 1833 Faughanvale L/Derry
M. William Kennedy Gallagher 30th June 1857
Children-3 Thomas 29th march 1858, Martha 1860, William Kennedy 4th June 1864

Joseph B. 1834 Faughanvale L/Derry
M. Isabella McIlravey 17th March 1870
Children- 5
Joseph 1st June 1871,Thomas 1st May 1873 M. Charles 1875 –1937, Susan 1879,Seamons 1878–1880.

Seamons B. 1837 Faughanvale L/Derry
M. Helen Carey 5th April 1859 B. 1841 Greencastle, County Donegal
Children 12
Thomas 16th Aug 1860, Elizabeth 26th Dec 1862, Seamons 13th Dec 1864, James 11th Nov 1865,
William 2nd Oct 1867, Alexander 17th May 1870, Helen 18th June 1874, Charles 26th Nov 1877, Susannah Seamons 1880-1881, Susan No Date M 1902

Also a Janet and Susan with no Dates

I have 99% of the info on the BMD’s of the above, which brings me up to 2006
It is 1700 Londonderry and Belgium where I seem to be hitting the proverbial brick wall, the latter’s sites are mainly in Dutch or French, with documents in Latin, And Proni isn’t on - line yet!!!!!.

Any help or a pointer in the right direction would be much appreciated, or just a thought from someone looking at it from a different angle may just start the ball rolling again.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help….. And I will help in return if I can…. (Port Glasgow /West Coast of Scotland area)


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