George Morjeanstern 1791

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I'm looking for any connections to George Morjeanstern b. 1791 France.

He was married to Mary Quin (b. 1811 Ireland) and in 1843 was in Liverpool when his daughter, Mesilia Morjeanstern, was born. His Occupation was Confectioner.

In 1848 they were in Burnley and 1851 in Leicester still as a confectioner and birth place France British Subject.

After 1851 it looks like the family name changed to Morgan and Mesilia to Amelia.

The family seemed to have split up over the birth of his daughters child as she was unmarried, he left them in Birmingham and he may have been found in a workhouse in Mile End London in 1861.

I have know idea where in France he is from, but it has been suggested that Alsace is a possibility.
As I can't find any other Morjeanstern's his name was probably spelt some other way, the most common way being Morgenstern.

Any help gratefully received.

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