John Nixon, Esq., born1787 Macguiresbridge, Co. Fermanagh

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My John Nixon, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, lawyer, wed Miss Adeline Cecelia Copp October 15, 1815, the daughter of Dover, N.H., born New Orleans lawyer David Copp, Jr. Adj. Lt. John Nixon, deJean's 1st Louisiana Militia, fought on the far west bank in the 1815 Battle of New Orleans, and when over-run by the British, spiked his two cannon. He owned 15,000 acreas of swamp timberland, St. John the Baptist Parish, La., and the Nixon House Hotel, Biloxi, Mississippi where the War of 1812 Patriot is entombed (near the water's edge, after Katrina?). His issue: Robert Porter Nixon born New Orleans 1816, Mrs. Martha Bell Nixon Warfield born N.O. 1818, widow of New Orleans city attorney, Perriguine "Perry" Snowden Warfield, Esq., Mrs. Jane Ann Nixon James, second wife of (Holmes Co., Miss, militia) LtCol Robert Wm. James, civilian master of the U.S. Army transport 'Gen.Hamer' out of N.O. in the Mexican War, John Washington Nixon born N.O. 1822, U.S. and Confederate Navies purser, James Roscoe Nixon, born N.O. 1826, Richard Augustus Nixon, born N.O. 1828, Henry Kirke Nixon born 1830, New Orleans policeman, Wm. Robinson Nixon, Sr., born N.O. 1832, Catherina Grant Nixon born N.O. 1835, and Rowina Louisa Medora Nixon, born Biloxi, 1839. Jim Miller, Southport, North Carolina, USA I descent Robert Wm. James born Wilmingtopn, N.C., 1811, and wife Mrs. Jane Ann Nixon James, by only child; Capt. Harry Copp James, ship's pilot and harbormaster, Biloxi.
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