Death registration of Mary Ethel Gwynne 1895

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Browsing through the local archives here in Heusden, my town in Belgium I stumbled upon a death registration of a young English girl.
Mary Ethel Gwynne.
She died here in a Nunnery (Ursulinnen). I was a intrigued, because I don't find much foreign people in our small town in the 1890's.
Of course I googeled her and her parents name. I came up with a Census Record in which a little girl named Mary E. Gwynne of 4 years old in 1881 lived in Hanwell, Middlesex. That could match the death registration in which she died at 17-18 in 1895.
I attach the document I found and the link in Geneanet to the Census Record. Maybe someone of her family is still alive and knows why she was here in Belgium.

Mary Ethel Gwynne 1877 overlijdensakte.jpg

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