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Mulholland/Mullholland, Brisbane-Queensland

Enviado: 27 abril 2005, 23:16
por dal
Could any kind person with access to marriage records in Brisbane 1887 please do a look up for me ?
I live in Switzerland but my research areas have mainly been Scotland/Ireland and Wales until now.
According to birth certificates of the Scottish born children of my g.g.g.aunt Mary HENDERSON and her husband William MULHOLLAND they married on the 8th JULY, 1887, Brisbane, Queensland. I have records relating to them in Ireland and Scotland but I cannot find a ship passenger entry for either. Mary registered her first child as illegitimate.


b.1890 Bellshill, Lanarkshire
F: William Mullholland.
Parents Marriage date: Jly 8th 1887 BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND.

b: 1893 Bellshill, Lanarkshire
F: William Mulllholland
Parents Marriage date. July 8th 1887 BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND.

"If" they married in Australia as stated, they certainly did not stay there more than 3 years, but unlike the cat curiousity is not killing me .....it`s just making me scratch and the itch is driving me crazy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Honorah, Switzerland

Re: Mulholland/Mullholland, Brisbane-Queensland

Enviado: 19 julho 2005, 00:10
por dal
Hello Patterson,
I have limited knowlwdge on the Mulholland family other than the fact that William married into my Henderson family . I do know this Mulholland family came to Lanarkshire, Scotland from Ireland (according to census and bdm records) . This branch , as far as I can tell were working class miners etc. at least until 1891.
I am so sorry I couldn`t help you at this point, but I have saved your query should something turn up later.

Best Regards, Honorah

Re: Mulholland/Mullholland, Brisbane-Queensland

Enviado: 25 agosto 2005, 09:59
por dal
Hi Joan, can`t thank you enough for this information. I knew this couple had a son named william as he was the informant on the death certificate for Mary in Scotland but a search for his birth proved fruitless ......until now.
I am so grateful for your help.
Best Regards,

Re: Mulholland/Mullholland, Brisbane-Queensland

Enviado: 03 janeiro 2007, 14:46
por dal
Hello Andy,

Mary Henderson`s parents were John Henderson born abt. 1832 ireland and Sarah (Mitchell) Gallagher born 1835 Lower Cumber, Londonderry, N.Ireland. This couple were married in 1855, Londonderry. Mary was my g.g.aunt.

Please feel free to contact me again if you think I may be of help, I don`t have agreat deal of information on the Mulholland family as my main research has been on the Henderson family.

Best Regards, Honorah