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Good Evening.

I have begun resuming my search on my family from Brittany France. It all starts with my Grandparents Mathieu Guyader and his wife Josephine Dauophars. I have received so much awesome information pre-marriage. I have come to some dead ends when trying to find out information on their siblings and their descendants. I am having difficulty beyond the sibling. I cannot find any siblings of Josephine at all.

Can you recommend how to bring the search from their marriage to present. While I love finding the pre-marriage I would love to be able to see their tree to present. I would love to connect my tree to current relatives. I have tried requesting documents to which I have never received. The publications are hard to research as I do not read French fluently.

Also, has anyone done the ancestry testing with results? I know that France does not permit it.

Any help would be appreciated :)

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I see that you have posted last year on the french side.

That's where you stand a chance to get an answer:

try here

France > Morbihan (56)
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