Moscow Fund Index

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Moscow Fund Index

Mensagem 17 fevereiro 2020, 15:26

Hello, I came across a file of a possible relative whose name was mentioned in the "Moscow Fund Index". I read the brief definition of the Index (see below) but would appreciate some clarification. Were the people listed in the index spies, targeted, collaborators, informants etc. or a combination? What type(s) of information might one find in a file?

I am presuming that a researcher must physically go to the archive to view the folders?

Thank you.

"Moscow Fund Index. The associated images are a digital copy of the directories established by the Russian archivists during the long period during which the archives of the General Security were kept in Moscow as treasures of war (1945-1994). For each name, there is a corresponding folder, potentially with photo. This file is kept at the number indicated on the source."

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Always say the name of the person (here is genealogy).
Show the link of the information you found :
It’s from Police : communists, anarchists, condemned, foreigners, ...
Use GoogleTranslate :

Folders online (digitalized) :
Cote 19940434/466
Cote 19940434/534
Cote 19940437/380
Cote 19940445/291
Cote 19940482/1

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They're called the Moscow Funds because the documents were at first seized (and used) by the Germans during WWII, then seized by the Soviets at the end of the war.

As for the content, they are military and police archives. So anyone who interacted with those institutions before 1940 could potentially have a file in there.

Only a small portion of the documents have been digitized and indexed. Here's a randomly selected file for you to look at


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