Belleville - Madoc, Ontario

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Hello Isobel:
Actually, we did not meet in Niagara on the Lake: it was my brother and my sister-in-law that went. But I do remember your name from my mother, and I'm really glad to hear from you, because otherwise, I would have lost trace of your family. You are right, my father did some excellent work on the genealogy, especially when you think of the means at his disposition 20 years ago. My present problem is I inherited a Bible from my great-grand-mother Gillan, with about 20 pictures of very distingushed elders, but there is not a single name to go with them. If I e-mailed you the pictures, would you be in a position to identify some of them? You could send me your e-mail address at It will be lovely to hear from you and we could compare our common tree!

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