Mary Timmins and John O Brien

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must have been the heat that fried my brain :lol: .

One of the most common error found in transcriptions is S for T

date / parents / location: it has to be her

Ireland, Catholic Parish Registers, 1655-1915; Microfilm 09071 / 04
Mary Elizabeth Simmins
Event Type: Baptism
Birth Date: 1860
Baptism Date: 4 Mar 1860
Baptism Place: Kingstown, Dublin, Ireland
Residence Place: King
Parish Variants: Dun Laoghaire, St. Michael's, Kingstown
Diocese: Dublin
Father: William Simmins
Mother: Mary Simmins

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I assume your mother was Maureen O’ Leary ?

did she have a sister ?

Sheila O'Leary 23 Aug 1911 [mother's maiden name: O'Brien] living with Alice Lysaght in 1939 Fulham, London, England

in your tree: William Timmins, deceased 4 August 1884 - London, London, England,
in your post: 4 august 1886

I was a bit confused, until I noticed that you have a mix of English & Dutch in your tree:
now I know that Verenigd Koninkrijk = United Kingdom :D

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marytimmins Escreveu:
21 julho 2019, 13:13
About the marriage of Wm Timmins of 14 nov 1858 in Meath, Ireland
indeed it could be the wrong one.
Did you look into the parents of John O' Brien ?

father Michael & mother Anne Brien, pretty common names !

Marriage 1 Jul 1878: << His witness John Malone >>


Mary Ann Brien


your grand parents O’ Leary / O'Brien being married in 1911, it seems likely that your mother was not the first born.

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Thank you again, you very well may have found the copy of the baptism of Mary Timmins! Her mother name was Elizabeth but maybe she was Elizabeth Mary or Mary Elizabeth? The idea of misspelling Timmins by Simmins is a breakthrough, I think.

Yes, I did do research on Michael and Anne Brien but did not find the baptism of their son John Brien, the husband of Mary Timmins

Indeed my mother was Maureen O leary.

You know quite a lot about my mothers family. Are you interested as a genealogist or otherwise? Or is there a family connection?

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marytimmins Escreveu:
25 julho 2019, 16:45
Are you interested as a genealogist or otherwise? Or is there a family connection?
no family connection.

I am indeed interested in solving what I call "genealogical puzzles".

Some family are more interesting than others - yours is. :)

I am not doing any research about my family on geneanet [my sister has our tree here], and I research my in laws in the States/Switzerland/Germany ..... but NOT on geneanet.

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About your question on my greatgreat parents Michael (gentlemen) and Anne Brien from Blackrock, mentioned as parents in the 1878 marriage document of John Brien and Mary Timmins .

I have the following information especcialy on Michael Brien also gentlemen and from Blackrock. Not 100% procent sure if he is the right one.

- Death certificate of Michael Brien, Rathdown, distric Balckrock (also mentioned in marriage doc. John Brien of 1878), county Dublin.
Death 28 november 1891, 5 Willow Place, Booterstown
Registration on 14 dec 1891 by Son of deceased: Jospeh O Brien, same adress.

- Will calender 1893, page 68
Michael Brien, 5 Willow Terrace, booterstown, Dublin
Gentlemen (als mentioned in 1878 marriage doc.), died 28 nov 1891
Married to Mary A. Brien of booterstown ave., Widow

Comment: I found Michael Brien on booterstownw ave, owner of grocery in the THOMs directories of 1870's.

- Possible marriage of Michael and Anne Brien in Dublin City. Could not confirm if I got the right persons.
, 11 nov 1855, church/ parish st Michaels and St Johns, Dublin City

annexes includes,

beste wishes
Death Michael Brien 1891 Booterstown, Blackrock
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Marriage 11 nov 1855 Michael Brien and Anne    St. Michael and John's, Dublin city; County of Dublin; Archdiocese of Dublin. Marriages, Nov. 1855 to Mar. 1856.jpg
Thom's Irish Almanac and Official Directory of Ireland, 1868 Image BOOTERSTOWN AVE MICHAEL BRIEN GROCER.jpg
THOMS 1868 MICHAEL AND JOHN BRIEN List Of The Nobility, Gentry, Merchants, And Traders, Public Offices, &c.jpg

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I am looking for Alice Brien, my greataunt, born around 1880 in Ireland (Dublin area).
I did find:
- baptism record 11 dec 1979, Meath Kinds court, parents John and Mary Brien, no maiden name Mary. Could not find civil record.
However maaried on 1 juky 1878 in Dublin and date of brith is to soon?
- marriage James Deegan in 1901, Dublin (ANNEX). No proof if this the same Alice
- census 1901 Dublin with James Deegan.
Can any body help, advice if this is my greataunt Alice?

Last november during visit to Booterstown, near Dublin found a lot information on het fathers family:
John Brien, my greatgrandfather was born 23 may 1860 and baptised on 27 may 1860 in Booterstown, south of Dublin (ANNEX), his brothers Michael and Joseph and sisters Mary Anne, Jana, Catharine, Elizabeth and Margaret, all baptised in the same Booterstown Church.

I am still looking for Alice Brien, born in Ireland (between 1879 and 1886) the daughter of John Brien and Mary Timmins.
Maybe Alice married James Deegan. See Marriage and Census 1901. Could not find prove if she is indeed my greataunt Alice.

Alice was the older sister of my grandmother Martha O Brien (born 1890 in Dublin) and John Thomas (born 1895 London).
Maybe the family of Catherine and / or Joseph Brien know more?

From Catherine and Joseph Brien I found their own families / children:
- Catherine Brien, born 29 March 1862,, married around 1880 probably in England with Livingstone Flanagan (born 1859, County Dublin, died 1904 in Dublin). See ANNEX with family in Ireland. See ANNEX CENSUS IRELAND 1901 Rathmichael, Dublin, Ireland with their family.

- Joseph Brien, born 1 nov 1869 (died 1949 in Camberwell, London), married 1902, London, England with Clare Elizabeth Smith (born 3 july 1881, London). See ANNEX CENSUS ENGLAND 1991 London with their family.


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