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Please share as much as possible, it must reach Ireland.

My name is rozette wilson. For some time I'm looking for my biological father and this is my last straw. My biological father, Alexander Wilson, married my mother Maria Servotte in Belgium and they had 2 children, Alexander and Lethitia R. Wilson. They got to know each other during the war. My father was in Belgium as a soldier. After the war we moved to Belfast, Ireland. I lived there until I was 10 years old. After the divorce my mother, me and my brother returned to Belgium. And there's the story of my father. I have never heard of him since my return to Belgium. Later my mom got to know my stepfather, Vic Kemps. He raised us as if we were his own children. I am now almost 70 years old and until the day of the death of my stepfather, I did not sit still to find biological father or family, but so far without results. Half a year ago we traveled to Belfat to seek him with the information we already had. We came to the PRONI office who could give us the following info: My biological father is born on August 28, 1921. His parents were named William Wilson and Mary Rae, married in March 1921. During that period, they lived in 1915 until 1925 Uppermervey Street in Belfast. They also learned us that the mother of Mary Rae Elisabeth Rae was called. On some identification papers we have seen that we have have been living in 5, Fleetwood Street in Belfast, near the hospital.

Myself, born October 9, 1947, went to primary school in Belfast until i was 10 years old. All I remember about it is my school uniform. It was a uniform / skirt with a white blouse with a dark pink tie with yellow stripes.
It's my greatest wish for me to go and hear something from him ... Does he still live? Do I have halfbrothers / sisters?
All I have of him is a picture and his name. The photo I send here also. Also, a picture of our home where we used to live, and some names and addresses of my parents' friends, suggested they were married.
Who knows something, how small, please let me know,

Kind regards, Rozette Wilson

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