Mauritius records of birth, death, marriage.

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I am trying to research my great grandfather Jean Claude Martial who lived in Mauritius abt 1890 - 1964. He was a Bank Manager apparantly in Curepipe and they lived in Vacoas ( Vacqua? )

He had a brother called Max (or Maxime) who may have been the younger of the two brothers.

They parents may have come from Avignon, France.

My Mother used to tell me lots of stories of various families Le Mem, Dupavillion, Mazery & Martial when she was growing up in Mauritius. She was born Una Jane Martial 1921. She attended Saint Loretta's Covent (school). When she completed her last year of schooling she said she sat for her 'Oxford or Cambridge Certificate" which would have allowed her to go to the UK to study. Unfortunately, the family could not afford to send her (this was her story) and she got a job tutoring other students, then worked for the British Army as a typist. Until she met my father John Parker who was working at the headquarters at Vacqua.

Can anyone help me to search records in Mauritius please?

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