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Hi Everyone,  I was wondering if anyone has come across a Legitamacy Document?  My grandfather was born in 1890 in the Netherlands and on his birth certificate on the side is a notation that in 1905 his mother did a Legitamacy Document stating she was his natural mother.  On his birth certificate there is no mention of the father and his surname is his mothers maiden name.  I found the document and on it is another 8 children all with her maiden name.  She married in 1912 and on the population register her husband is shown as the childrens step father.  I cannot find any population register for the period of 1890-1913 so cannot see where the children were living, my sister recalls that she was in a relationship with a married business man that had a family in Indonesia and that he was the father of the children.  Can anyone give me and hints on where I go from here and what this document means?

Thankyou  Sandy

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