Searching for Goligher and Marbe families

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Have been referred on to this site, having hit a wall with other sites. I am trying to find out about the Marbe family living in Bucharest ( early half of 20th c) and the Golighers, also in Bucharest or Romania in early 20th c My aunt Clarice married a Henric Marbe in the British Embassy in Bucharest in the early 1920s. I have their marriage certificate but not much else. Any help gratefully appreciated.

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I saw your search inquiry on the website. Are you Nausicaa, the daughter of Miriam Marbe by any chance? I am the granddaughter of your aunt, Clarice Goligher. I was born in Israel to her only son, Alan Marbe. My name is Edna Marbe-Fast and I currently live in Tel Aviv, Israel. .
I would love to hear from you and get more information on my grandparents, Haim-Henri Marbe and Clarice Goligher, Marbe.
I know she was born in Manchester, England and that she also divorced Haim-Henry Marbe and returned to the UK and remarried a British army officer. She passed away in England. I have several photos of hers.
I am eagerly waiting to hear from you,


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