Hamerlinck in Zeeland 9060, Ambrosius Franciscus and Victoria Pieters Help!

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I am trying to continue our family tree but for many generations we can only go back to Ambrosius Franciscus and Victoria Pieters...born around 1790-1810. We can only find 2 records of them and not sure why. Any and all help would be great!
Ambrosius = Augustine = Julius = Joseph = Dale = Martin = Me......We did learn that Ambrosius had another son from Augustine that we did not know of, but do not know of any others.

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Because it is a while ago you asked for information ... do you still need help?

Death certificate of Ambrosius Franciscus Hamerlynck on 12 january 1864 in Assenede, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium.
Died in the age of 56 years and was born in Assenede.
His parents are Franciscus Hamerlynck and Petronilla Devliegher.
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