Seeking information on Pawlak Ancestors in Lobez, Gora, Noskow area of Jarocin County, Greater Poland

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Franciszek Pawlak lived near Lobez with spouse Catharina and their ten children. Catharina died in 1947, at Lobzowiec, while Franciszek is believed to have died, in that area, between 1940 and 1947. Any information on Franciszek (when and where he died), their children or descendants still living in Poland is appreciated. Following is the data I have on this family:
Franciszek Pawlak born 1855, Lobez (parents Antoni Pawlak and Agata Maurowna)
died 1940-1947
married Catharina Matuszewska (1866-1947)
their children:
1. Agnes born 1885
2. Antonina born 1887
3. Stanislaus born 1889-died 17 Jan 1941 in Canada
4. Anna born 1892- died 14 Apr 1940
5. Maria born 1895- believed to have died in 1971
6. Jan born 1898 [possibly married Maria Gabik(sic) at Wilkowyja in 1951]
7. Antoni born 1901-1998 at Wschowa. Married Stanislawa ----?----
8. Rosalia born 1903
9. Wladislaw born 1906
10. Jadwiga born 1909-died February 1941

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