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german books

Mensagem 19 setembro 2017, 18:50

I had found information on her trip to USA  -  But can't find the book and pictures Can you help me?  Thanks so much for your help

barb_buck_butler @

Schwarz - Public Member History -
Elizabeth M Willrich - Bio (Text). Excerpt: From: Hefersweiler Berzweiler Chronicle, Detlef Uhrig & Willy Schwarz (See the final paragraph for Bio) How emigrants a.

Hefersweiler - Berzweiler volume I, II, III family chronicle ...
Band 1. Ortschronik der Gemeinden Hefersweiler - Berzweiler 1569 - 2002. Detlef Uhrig and Willi Schwarz 400 years of village and ...

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