DNA for R1b

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Re : DNA for R1b

Mensagem 05 dezembro 2010, 18:25

I think you have the best thing by posting the YDNA results at

Good luck in your search for connections.

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Re : DNA for R1b

Mensagem 30 novembro 2012, 01:10

I agree with ghurlbut . is a good place to start but with R1b it has been described more of a very full bush rather than a tree.

In my case I have at this point tested to 67 markers and deep clade testing including U152/L2/Z49+ and negative for196 and L20 and I just ordered Z142 today.  Most of the males in Europe are/were R1b so it does get a little involved. 

There are many forums and groups out there including and as well as  The amount of information on there is almost limitless and "could" help you find your origins to a general area if you deep clade test as much as you can.


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