Dugas DNA Project

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A DNA project has finally started for members of the Dugas family. Primarily set up for Y chromosome testing (paternal) of those with the Dugas surname. The objective is to identify Dugas lineages both in North America as well as overseas and link back to other Dugas families from France/Southern France. If you have not had your DNA tested and are a male Dugas, you can test via the project. We have identified 2 lineages-that of Abraham Dugas J2-M410-P279 and that of Jean Ducas/Dugas dit Labreche J2-M410-M530-FGC9962-L231. Both ancestors carry a DNA signature that is common in the Middle East and very rare to absent in France.

The main task ahead will be to find Dugas from France to participate in the project.

Follow the link below for additional information or to join the project.


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