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European genealogy site using DNA

Enviado: 25 maio 2018, 06:09
por purplegolfchic
does anyone know of a European genealogy site that uses DNA like Ancestry does? I know Geneanet can't because of French law. I have done DNA test on Ancestry in USA but have not gotten anything connecting to my ancestors; my paternal grandfather was born in Hungary to German parents with French name--- families from Alsace-Lorraine region; am hoping something through Germany might show up. I have been at roadblock for 8 years....frustrating
Would very much appreciate any suggestions for tracing DNA in Europe.
Thank you

Re: European genealogy site using DNA

Enviado: 26 setembro 2018, 00:11
por bellvision1
You might transfer/upload your DNA results to myheritage, familytreedna, and gedmatch. The first two are testing companies that accept results from competitors and the latter is an aggregator. Uploading to all of them increases your chance of matching cousins. Myheritage and familytree are both more prevalent in Europe than Ancestry.

Apologies for the google translation:
Vous pouvez transférer / télécharger vos résultats d'ADN vers myheritage, familytreedna et gedmatch. Les deux premiers sont des sociétés de test qui acceptent les résultats des concurrents et le second est un agrégateur. Le téléchargement sur chacun d'eux augmente vos chances de faire correspondre les cousins. Myheritage et Familytree sont tous deux plus répandus en Europe que Ancestry.

Re: European genealogy site using DNA

Enviado: 27 setembro 2018, 18:14
por purplegolfchic

Re: European genealogy site using DNA

Enviado: 23 setembro 2019, 19:23
por purplegolfchic
I am already on those sites but with no real connections or leads from Europe.....thanks, though. Also, on 23andme and geni. I had really hoped myheritage, 23andme and familytreedna would be the answer for me.