Would Double Cousins affect my search ?

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Wondering if someone could help me with something. I’ve been looking for my grandfather’s identity for years. I have had three DNA matches on Ancestry, each of them around 300cM, so I’ve been presuming I am roughly second cousin to all three and that theory would check out with their known family trees respectively. They all have the same great grandfather and mother.

Now I have just found out that the sister of the great grandfather, married the brother of the great grandmother, meaning their descendants would be double cousins to these three people that I match with.

Is there are chance that I am a double cousin and I am actually a descendant of this other relationship? How would I prove or disprove this theory? If my DNA cM match has been made greater to these because I’m a double cousin, what would my cM and relationship have been if I wasn’t? I’ve got so many questions going through my head and I don’t know if I even need to be worried about this

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Where do the sister of the great grandfather and the brother of the great grandmother fall into the tree? Are they also direct ancestors of your cousins or simply great aunts and uncles? If the latter, it would have no incidence on the family.

Your best bet is to do some triangulation. Put all your close matches on a sheet of paper and draw lines connecting them. On those lines, write the amount of shared DNA between each pair as well as which segments are shared (different sites have different comparison features).

At the same time, make a tree of all the information you know about those cousins and their ancestry. Cross-reference the two and you should be able to identify which segment came from which ancestor and hopefully find where your place is in that tree.


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