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My direct line ends (and begins I guess) in Nonington, Kent, England c1654. George Gambrill was born to unknown parents, he married Elizabeth Jourdan in 1678 in Nonington and died before 1693. During the 1600's many crossed the sea from France to this part of England (Kent) and settled. The autosomal matches thus far have shown no reason to question the authenticity of my direct line, but I need more distant matches, requiring the tester to take, ultimately, the BigY from ftDNA. You can test in stages starting with yDNA and working towards your BigY.

SNP Tracker currently shows my path going through France and then into Kent, but many more testers are needed to refine this path this is where i'm asking French folks with the same/similar surname please consider testing BigY.

I do have one other BigY match with our MRCA being around c1100, place unknown.

My current haplogroup is I-BY50977.

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