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Good Evening.

I have begun resuming my search on my family from Brittany France. It all starts with my Grandparents Mathieu Guyader and his wife Josephine Dauophars. I have received so much awesome information pre-marriage. I have come to some dead ends when trying to find out information on their siblings and their descendants. I am having difficulty beyond the sibling. I cannot find any siblings of Josephine at all.

Can you recommend how to bring the search from their marriage to present. While I love finding the pre-marriage I would love to be able to see their tree to present. I would love to connect my tree to current relatives. I have tried requesting documents to which I have never received. The publications are hard to research as I do not read French fluently.

Also, has anyone done the ancestry testing with results? I know that France does not permit it.

Any help would be appreciated :)

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Here are already 1 brother and 2 sisters of Josephine:
Marie Claire DAOUFARS, born 3 February 1873 at SCAER (29), married with GOURIN (56) on 5 August 1900 with BERNARD Jérome Marie

Louis DAOUFARS, born on February 4, 1875 at SCAER, married with GOURIN on February 2, 1902 with LE GUILCHEN Marie Anne

Marianne DAOUPHARS born 21 April 1878 in SCAER, married to GOURIN on 16 June 1907 with LE GOFF Louis.

These marriage acts are online on AD 56.


Voici déjà 1 frère et 2 soeurs de Joséphine :
Marie Claire DAOUFARS, née le 3 février 1873 à SCAER ( 29 ), mariée à GOURIN ( 56 ) le 5 août 1900 avec BERNARD Jérome Marie

Louis DAOUFARS, né le 4 février 1875 à SCAER , marié à GOURIN le 2 février 1902 avec LE GUILCHEN Marie Anne

Marianne DAOUPHARS née le 21 avril 1878 à SCAER, mariée à GOURIN le 16 juin 1907 avec LE GOFF Louis .

Ces actes de mariages sont en ligne sur les AD 56.


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Thank you!

I am even more confused now! It is very hard to find ancestry showing my grandmother Josephine as a descendant. Have you seen any? I am confused that I am entering the information wrong.


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