Dorschke Family of Upper Silesia

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Looking for info/vital dates on four Dorschke  s from Upper Silesia, Prussia. This area is now in Southern Poland.

The four are as follows:
1) Franz Drozdzok, b. abt 1865, res. of Hohenbirken, retired farmer, Father of Viktor Drozdzok/Dorschke (1889-1969).
2) Marianna Mandrisch, b. abt 1865, res. of Hohenbirken, wife to Franz Drozdzok
3) Karl (or Karol) Kokott, b. abt 1865, poss. res. of Adamowitz?, forestry worker? Father of Marie Kokott (1897-1948)
4) Marianna ( unknown), b. abt 1865, wife to Karl Kokott

All four are mentioned in a marriage document dated Nov 8 1914 in Markowitz. The marriage was for Viktor Dorschke/Drozdzok and Marie Kokott.
Any  info would be great too.

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