Grandpa Johann Peter Widua husband of Erna Caroline Wilhelmine Krumm

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My wife's mother, may she rest in peace, was the only child of Erna Caroline Wilhelmine Krumm (born 1 Nov 1885 in NeuKaterhagen, Germany) and Johann Peter Widua (born Cir 1887, possibly in Alsace). Grandpa died in Hamburg in 1922. Grandma Erna died in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA in 1942. My wife's mother, Charlotte E. Widua, was 6 years old when she and Grandma Erna came to the United States on Cunard Line's RMS Andania from Hamburg, Germany, on 26 Feb 1925.

We need help finding Johann Peter Widua's place of birth and the names of his parents.
Attached is an image of what we have located about Grandma Erna.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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