Would Double Cousins affect my search ?

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Wondering if someone could help me with something. I’ve been looking for my grandfather’s identity for years. I have had three DNA matches on Ancestry, each of them around 300cM, so I’ve been presuming I am roughly second cousin to all three and that theory would check out with their known family trees respectively. They all have the same great grandfather and mother.

Now I have just found out that the sister of the great grandfather, married the brother of the great grandmother, meaning their descendants would be double cousins to these three people that I match with.

Is there are chance that I am a double cousin and I am actually a descendant of this other relationship? How would I prove or disprove this theory? If my DNA cM match has been made greater to these because I’m a double cousin, what would my cM and relationship have been if I wasn’t? I’ve got so many questions going through my head and I don’t know if I even need to be worried about this

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